November 07, 2010

Makeup Basics *Complexion*

Before show some more detailed looks, I would like to present you some basic techniques. Starting with complexion (primers, foundation, powder, brushes,etc.) I hope you find them useful.

Affordable Beauty Tools

This is a list of some beauty tools for a really inexpensive price. You can find most of them on ebay.

Eyelashes Guard

 Keep mascara on your lashes, this plastic guard frames your top and bottom lashes, you can apply mascara from top to tip without mess your eye makeup, also the little comb is ideal to separate lashes and remove the excess.

 False Eyelash Applicator

 Falsies for dummies! Normally, I finish with my false eyelashes glued to my fingers but with this little clip, I just place it, apply glue (wait about 30segs) and place the falsie closer to my lash line and release the falsie, you can also use its rubber lid to press the whole base on you lash line.

Eyebrow Template/Trimmer

With this adjustable template you will get perfect eyebrows to frame you eyes. Also you can find two shapes to fill you eyebrows. Photo- instructions are included.

Adjustable Eyebrow Template Mask

This is so easy to use. You can adjust it according with your eyebrow size, then add an elastic band (not included) and use it like a mask but on you eyebrows.

Coastal Scents Bent Liner

Use it with liquid liner, gel liner, or pressed powder eyeliner. The bended ferule move your lashes away so you can see what are you doing. Short pointed bristles for the finest cateye line.

Please, watch the video for more information about how to use them and where to buy it.



October 24, 2010

Coastal Scents Review

88 Palettes

  • Metal Mania
  • Ultra Shimmer
  • Original
Excellent payoff and brilliant and neutral variety colors, shimmer ones are a little chalky. Original one is my favorite, has lots of matte colors but also some shimmery ones. Metal one has beautiful metalic neutral colors that I reserve for evening/night time. Worldwide shipping price is not that nice.

HD Foundation


 Liquid foundation, light coverage, 19 shades to choose, HD quality allows you to apply 2 or even 3 coats without look like your wearing a mask. Ideal for all skin types. Sample size are availables to choose the most accurate shade for you.

Contour Palette

 6 colors included. 2 blush shades, 1 withe to highlight, 1 dark brown to create shadow, 1 yellow to set makeup on red and violet areas as dark circles under eyes, 1light pink to highlight cheeks and illuminate the area around your eyes.

Cosmetic Glitter

Fine cutted glitter. Great to add glam to your makeup, lotions, and body splashes. Lots of colors available and almost all are safe to use on eye area.

 Diva Defense Primer

 Mineral primer absorbes oil from skin, your makeup will last longer without shinny t-zone. Wear it under your makeup or use it to set foundation. Works for all skin tones because is 100% translucent.

Gel liners

Black one is intense and fluid at the beginning, I'm not sure if I got a bad batch but after use half pot, liner starts to get dry and make crumbles, white one is still creamy but I think that in general all liners could be more sleaky.

 Camo Quads

  • Color Corrector
  • Concealer 
The color corrector is great, has 4 colors:
  • Yellow neutralize violet
  • Green neutralize red
  • Blue neutralize orange
  • Violet neutralize yellow
I use the yellow one every single day because I have purple veiny dark circles under my eyes, green one is useful when I get blemish, honestly I never use the blue one or the violet one because I'm not a tanning persone so I never get orange skin and I don't have any important descoloration. Even when is nice to have then I will prefere to get every color separetely. Yellow have a nice soft creamy texture, green looks silky but it's a little dry.
Concealers have nice creamy soft texture they blend very well. I choose medium one at on my first try but is too dark for me, I just got the light one and I'm happier with this shade. Every camo quad had 4 shades: 1 white to highlight, 1 peachy great for under aye circles, 1 flesh tone to cover imperfections and on medium and dark shades there's a second flesh tone, on light one thers a yellowish tone that I love.